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Oh, and I'm Lauren Rose. I enjoy writing angsty things.

Within and Without
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  • waitress: can i take your order please?
  • me: i'd like a cheeseburger.... without the cheese
  • waitress:
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y’all getting really specific like “where are all the indie boys with messy shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes who are between 6’ and 6’4 whose favourite vampire weekend album is contra but knows mvotc is their best album and drinks their coffee black with 3.2 sugars and smokes cheap cigarettes on a balcony at 2:23 am” like….. chill


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if you ever call me annoying, even if it’s just jokingly, the chances of me ever speaking to you again are slim to none because I’ll be so afraid that every little word or sound that comes out of my mouth will aggravate you and make you cringe and hate my existence

This is so undeniably true. Also, I might cry.

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For the second night in a row, my mom watched Orange is the New Black until 3 in the morning. She finished both seasons.

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It’s important that people see this

I dont even know who this is, but the media pulls shit like this often and it should be publicized.

mark duggan was the young man shot to death by the met police here in london, and whose murder, now ruled controversially as ‘legal’, sparked the summer riots a few years back.

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Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.

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i hate when ppl make fun of me for trying 2 be positive and spread good vibes like fuck your bitter ass i spent a good portion of my short life being bitter and angry and suicidal if i wanna shoot sunshine out of my ass then i fuckin will 

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